Since 1992, L.A. Blount & Associates has performed continuous service as one of the leading female owned and operated management service firms working with small businesses in Georgia. The systems, tools and techniques presented on this site were designed by Lita A. Blount an entrepreneur and business strategist, who wanted to create an easier way for start-up companies to implement their business plans more effectively. She lamented that there was not a good business plan implementation guide available…nor a productivity planner on the market to help entrepreneurs use their greatest asset – Time – to increase productivity, achieve goals, complete projects, and grow their businesses while enjoying greater success, both personally and professionally.

For design inspiration, she turned to lessons learned from assignments she was involved with over the past 18 years. She has been fortunate to assist corporate giants like BellSouth Corporation, Siemens, Chick-fil-A, H.J. Russell & Company, Baranco Automotive Group and many others implement strategies to achieve their respective goals. What she gave to them in service was priceless. What she learned from them can be summed as this: Focus on three key elements for success: Vision – know exactly what you want and where you are going; Strategy – determine how you will get there and what resources will be needed; and Execution – align your daily action with your highest priorities and tasks, and then follow through.

She used this advice and knowledge to design a powerful yet simple consulting program for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  The consulting program is called the Small Business Guide Complete, and is packaged in an easy to understand instructional video, along with action-plans and intensive one-on-one coaching. Through the strategies and techniques explained on the video, over the years L.A. Blount & Associates has helped to create or sustain over 400 enterprises.

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